Am I a secret feminist?

Am I a secret feminist?


Recently I’ve seen a lot of posters, books and articles about feminism and it got me thinking; am I a secret feminist?

If somebody is a feminist they make no secret of it. Campaigns and protests are all the rage when it comes to like-minded women fighting for their rights, but is it possible to be a feminist without all of the gathering and shouting?

If you’d of asked me, say, five years ago if I was a feminist I’d of said no. I had traditional beliefs about almost everything. It wasn’t until recently that I started to question these beliefs. I realised they had become very similar to the beliefs a feminist has. How the hell did I become a feminist without noticing?! For me, society and your environment has a big part in changing a persons beliefs. It has now become normal to see women expressing themselves through what they wear, how they style their make up and  what career they choose. In a way society has compelled us women to empower ourselves because no one else is going to do it for us.

One of my biggest views that have changed is on marriage. A long time ago I dreamt of my dream wedding (as most pre-teens do) and having the perfect husband. Now my views on this could not be further from what they was. The idea of marriage petrifies me and as for giving up my surname, not  a chance! Maybe this is to do with having seen so many marriages fail, or maybe it is me declaring an independent life for myself. The surname changing is a big thing for me. Your surname is your identity, so changing it in marriage is just like changing your identity. What if your new one isn’t as good as the old one?

Another view that has changed is about having children. This is rather controversial as people have all different views about it. I am more than happy to raise a child by myself. Now a days there is so much help available that it is more than possible for this to happen. I’m not talking about the child having a father and me refusing him any part in it’s life. I’m talking about having a child via sperm donor (or any other means) and raising the child on my own that way. Although me having children is a long way off, this is something I have often thought about. I read an article recently about the increase in children being named after historical feminist figures. These parents had the hope that their child will themselves grow up to be historical feminist figures. Nothing like hoping ey.

When I picture my life in a couple years time, I don’t see a male figure being in it. I would never make this view concrete and not allow myself a partner, that would be silly. Personally, I don’t see how being able to fulfil any task, need or desire without a male presence is healthy. Why do life wrong with two people that don’t work when you can do it perfectly on your own.

I am pleased that there are more and more women today becoming a mans equal. The workplace still has the most inequality than any other aspect of life. More women are becoming CEO’s, business owners and generally getting more respected job roles. Although there are still significant differences in pay, things are getting better.

We no longer live in a mans world. We live in an equal world. Women aren’t trying to take over the world. We are just trying to be seen as individuals instead of accessories to men.

Feminist rant over!


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