Knitting obsession

Knitting obsession

Project Knit is full steam ahead! I first tried arm kitting which was ok, I got the hang of it but wasn’t too sure on the outcome. The end result was average on a scale of appearance. The stitches weren’t as tight as I’d of liked and the overall look was a bit too holey for my liking. I didn’t get a picture of this as I was totally disheartened afterwards until I realised it was supposed to look that way.

Moving on to needle knitting. When I was a child my nan tried to teach me to knit. I was utterly useless! She could never understand how I could reduce stitches whilst adding them to the length at the same time. To this day I don’t know how I did that. So, in a moment of pride I decided that I wanted to learn to needle knit. In the back of my head I had the image of my nan being confused as to why I couldn’t knit, it was second nature to her. Following a basic pattern I mastered the basics of knitting!! My aim was (still is) to make a scarf. The process is slower than I initially thought but I am getting there…slowly. 

Then I heard about loom knitting. I liked the idea of having a kind of guide to speed up the process. Whilst being stuck in my mid scarf rut I felt that I needed something completed to spur me on to do more. So yesterday I went out and bought a loom kit. It took me one hour thirty minutes to make a hat that I am very proud of if I say so myself. I even made the pom pom myself (geeky/proud moment)

After sending the photo of my hat to my mum I know have a list of her work colleagues wanting hats for either themselves or their children. I am more than happy to make them as I find the whole process quite relaxing. Keep on going like this and I could have myself a little business. Knitted items make great presents, and as they can be personalised they are always going to be unique. 


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