Over  the last week I have eaten around ten cakes and endless amounts of chocolate. As much as I love eating these things and often feel like I need them, they make me feel so horrible and unhealthy afterwards. Monday morning came and I decided that I needed to seriously get back to healthy eating and reduce the amount of sugar I’ve been eating. Healthy food shop done and underway. All is going well…so far.

Exercise is always the one thing that goes hand in hand with healthy eating. I do have a gym membership (a very expensive one) that gets used once a week maybe. On this productive Monday morning I also decided that I would up my gym game and force myself to go at least four times per week.

So far I’m on day two of healthy eating and gym going and I feel so much better already than I did this time last week. It’s amazing what a bit of vegetables and sweat can do to our mental state. I plan to follow this routine all the way up to Christmas then undo it all by eating copious amounts of turkey, stuffing and Christmas pudding. After all, that’s what Christmas is all about!!


11 thoughts on “Struggles

  1. Oh, I know how you feel! I used to be really good about eating right and exercising. Can you believe I lost 40 lbs? I can’t. Sadly, life happens and I gained 15 of that 40 lbs I lost. It’s not that I lost the motivation to do it, but I couldn’t afford the lifestyle anymore. I didn’t have enough money for food, only enough for bills. I couldn’t make it to the gym because I had to pick up more hours at work. I also tried to do workouts at home but failed because homework came first. Life happens and what’s great is that you’re willing to commit again. Good luck!

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    1. It’s really hard to find the right balance between work and exercise. Once you’ve got it then everything is great but until then you start to feel exhausted like you’re doing too much. I’m trying to find this balance so I can stop sleeping so much haha

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      1. I feel the same way. Back in Kansas, my school had a free gym, but there isn’t one here at my transfer school. I don’t want to pay for a gym membership. I don’t have money for that right now and I don’t think I should have to pay for something like that. I had a great balance going but like I said, life happens. I’m trying to get back into things. I still eat healthy, that hasn’t changed. I just haven’t been able to work out.

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      2. Yeah I get you. I chose the gym closest to where I live for convenience and because I’d have no excuse not to go if I had spare time. My eating isn’t too bad it’s just cakes and chocolate that I need to stop

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      3. Haha my tempation is anything gummy. Gummy worms, gummy bears, gummy jolly ranchers, gummy lifesavers. I need to stop. It’s so bad for my teeth. Lol.

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      4. Chocolate in moderation is okay. When I wanted a chocolate fix I would make homemade oatmeal muffins and sprinkle mini chocolate chips on top. It was healthy and it helped my fix. I can send you the recipe if you like. Serving size is two muffins. There is also no sugar in them.

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