And breathe…

And breathe…

It wasn’t until I moved away from home and lived on my I realised how true the phrase “clean home clean mind” was. I usually do a little bit of cleaning each day, just the basics, and once a week do the whole ‘deep clean’ thing that mums seem to love. After teasing my mum for years about cleaning the house every day and getting to the point of being obsessed with it, I never for one minute thought that I’d reach that point in my life. Turns out I have.

Today my mind felt so cluttered and unorganised I needed to do something to restore it. Suddenly I got the urge to clean. I don’t mean potter about and dust clean; more like knelt down scrubbing the floor with bleach clean. So off to Waitrose I went and returned with a whole new lot of cleaning products – my old ones didn’t seem sufficient for my ‘deep clean’ mood.

After scrubbing my bathroom tiles to within an inch of their life I started to feel more relaxed. 2 hours, a full bottle of bleach and a gleaming house later, I feel relaxed, de-stressed and calm.

Now I think I understand why my mum cleans so much. I think she finds it therapeutic and relaxing rather than seeing it as a chore. I’m glad this is a trait I picked up from her as it is a simple and useful way of ridding the clutter from your mind. Also made a mental note not to tease her about it again.

Also realised I am slowly but surely turning into my mother!!!