Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

AMAZING!! Amazing is the only word I have to describe Hyde Parks Winter Wonderland. There is everything you could possibly imagine all in one place (a very large place) from fairground rides, ice bars, food and drinks, market stalls and large entertainment arenas.

Illuminous walkway 

As it was my first time at Wonderland I felt inclined to try every form of food and drink possible. Here goes the endless list; Baileys hot chocolate, German burger (not sure what makes it different), German hot dogs, mulled wine, German beer, Nutella crepes, mini Nutella pancakes and homemade mini pies. I know feel as though I’ve eaten my body weight in German food and as a result feel satisfyingly sick. It’s not something I’d do on a regular basis so I’m justifying it in that sense. Maybe living in denial!


Christmas Bar – German beer

After eating a stupid amount of food we went to one of the entertainment venues to see The Nutcracker on Ice. It is safe to say that was one of the most magical, most beautiful shows I have ever seen. Twinkling lights against a dark background covering the entire room made it the most serene environment you could possibly imagine. During the show, the skaters put on not only an amazing skating performance but also a brilliant acting performance which captures the audience. That is one that I would definitely recommend.


Dad and me

Most of all, the thing that made this entire day truly fabulous was spending it with my dad, who himself is the biggest self-professed Christmas fanatic! No matter what I’m doing or where I am, the experience will always be better if you’re surrounded by loved ones.


Winter Wonderland

The whole place is far too big to get around all in one day so I will definitely be returning over the coming weeks to see the things I didn’t get the chance to see today. I am so glad I went to today to have the experience that I’ve gotten as it was truly magical.




(Post may be continued!)










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