Able to breathe again

Able to breathe again

I last went back to my home town almost 6 months ago now. I don’t usually miss it but the last few weeks have been so intense that i feel i need the peace and quiet of a small town. Don’t get me wrong, i adore London and all its craziness but sometimes it can feel chlostraphoobic, almost suffocating. Today i went to a smallish town on the outskirts of London, bordering Essex. The drive there in the taxi caused a mixture of emotions. Whilst driving in central London i felt anxious because of the very crazy driving (why doesn’t anybody like their brakes in this place?!), annoyed and frustrated with the ridiculous amount of speed bumps then once we reached outer London i felt a sudden shift into a peaceful state. It was like a screen had been lifted and i could see and breathe again. Seeing fields, farms, animals and hills created a moment of awe for me. They’re all things that i associate with home so seeing them at a time when i am feeling most homesick was very welcoming. The lack of high-rise buildings, busy roads and cyclists was utterly amazing. These are only very minor things, but yet they’re the things that i take for granted a lot of the time. So yes, I am so excited to going back to my little town and sleeping without the sounds of sirens, walking down a street without bumping into all the other 100 people. Yet i know deep down, that once im home i’ll miss the chaos of this wonderfully large city.


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