Can we talk about Christmas yet? 

Can we talk about Christmas yet? 

Now that Halloween is over (finally) we can now focus on Christmas!!! For me the 1st of November is the marker for which it is acceptable to talk about Christmas in any way, shape or form and not be regarded as a complete crazy person. My love of all things Christmassy is astounding so you can imagine my delight when I see that shop windows have got festive decorations, there are bright lights hanging from lamposts on every street and advertisements for Christmas events are everywhere. London is finally starting to feel festive. I’m going back home for Christmas this year but this is the first year that I’ve been in London to witness the build up to the holiday period. Already I’m loving it so I can only imagine what it will be like this time next month! So far I’ve lived in a bubble of all things festive; for example eating a whole giant mince pie on my own…in one sitting, refusing to drink any hot drink unless it contains cinnamon, nutmeg or any other festive spice and wearing the obligatory Christmas PJs (wearing blue and red reindeer pants this very moment) that I seem to live in. 

Christmas has and always will be my favourite time of year for many different reasons. I’m thankful for having a loving family to share such a special time with. I can guarantee this won’t be my last post on a Christmas related topic so bye for now! 


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