An unconditional love

An unconditional love

After spending the weekend with my dad celebrating his birthday I have been thinking a lot about the things we take for granted. No matter how big or small these things may be, we are more often than not aware that we are culprits, yet we do nothing about it. The one thing I never have and never will take for granted is the love that I receive from family and friends. As I said on my previous post, my dad is a cross between being a parent and being my best friend. However this weekend has made me realise that we’re closer than I realised. I tell my dad that I love him everyday but it’s not often I say that I’m grateful for this love he provides. This isn’t because I don’t want to say it or forget to, it’s simply because I never realised that I wasn’t thanking him for his love. Showing gratitude is a life skill that will stick with you forever, and could turn out to be the best tool you ever used. 

As you’ve probably gathered by now I am in quite a reflective mood today. Thinking about all the love and support that I am provided with is what is keeping the smile on my face today.


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