Glad to be back

Glad to be back

I’m so happy to be back writing again. After a few very busy weeks I haven’t had the time to sleep properly let alone write, but oh how I’ve missed it. It made me realise that having this platform to share my feelings and anything else that is going on in my life has become a necessity now. Not having the chance to get my ideas down made me feel anxious and unsure of my days. My life has finally calmed down a little so I’m jumping at the chance to write again. 

Today is my dads birthday. He is on the train to London this very minute which I’m super excited about. I always love spending time with dad. As I got older our relationship has shifted from parent and child to being best friends. I can do the same things with my dad that I would with my best friend (most of the time), yet he always knows when to switch to parent mode. This happened last week when I had some personal problems going on, he was there for me as a parent to advise me then as a friend to cheer me up. I love how this switch is possible and I feel lucky to have both sides of him.

So, as a way to make his birthday special I have made him a birthday cake which I have never done before. Let me tell you the cake very nearly didn’t happen when me and the piping bag had a disagreement. It’s the first time I’ve attempted a cake this size, and the decoration isn’t the best so unfortunately no picture! All of that aside the cake is a surprise which will make him love it even more. I’ve got a busy, fun weekend planned so i shall let you all know how it went (and the cake) later in the weekend.

Happy weekend! 


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