Getting creative

Getting creative

My plan to make christmas presents myself this year has begun! I had the idea to create a Christmas bundle for each family member that is personalised to them.To begin with, each bundle will contain something knitted. I have developed an unhealthy obsession with wool (yarn) even if I was completely clueless to any form of knitting this time last week. 

First off I tried my hand at arm knitting. I ordered what I thought would be enough chunky wool and watched endless video tutorials on Youtube that would guarantee any novice a blanket at the end. Feeling extremely positive, one evening I sat and attempted to arm knit. I grasped the technique pretty quickly but getting the yet unkown item to resemble anything was a challenge. On my first attempt I used three balls of wool and produced a scarf like thing. The end result wasn’t too bad but also not at an acceptable level. The holes weren’t tight enough, the stitches were too loose and it didn’t really have a shape. I was not going to be defeated! A few days later I took the remaining three balls of wool and tried again. My second attempt was definitely better but still not right. After this I realised it was the kind of wool I was using that wasn’t too great, thankfully it wasn’t my lack of skill. 

To get the desired look that I want for the presents requires tight, controlled stitches so I am resorting to learning knitting with needles. The needles and wool that I ordered haven’t yet arrived, but when they do I will fill you all in on my progress…or lack of!

Bye for now.


6 thoughts on “Getting creative

  1. Omg that’s awesome! I did handmade gifts for Christmas last year. Let me tell you! It’s just as stressful as buying gifts. However, people loved them because they were handmade. I give you props for trying to knit scarves. I tried to do a scarf like the tutorial videos but I got so frustrated I gave up. It was extremely difficult for me.


      1. You don’t want my tips for arm knitting. I gave it up after several attempts.

        For other gifts I bought glass/ceramic markers and bought $1 mugs and wine glasses. Some family member got personalized wine/mugs. Those were a hit! I also made sugar scrub. Very easy and inexpensive. I made crayons and bought $1 coloring books for some of the younger kids. I made tutus for some of the much younger girls. The kids are the most difficult because if they were “raised” right, they are grateful foe the simple gifts. I also decorated frames with pictures. I can’t think of what else I did, but it was hard lol.

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