Cafe culture

Cafe culture

Walk past your local coffee shop and you can almost guarantee it will be packed to the rafters with people. This is the one thing that I love the most about London. People use coffee shops like they would their home, myself included. The majority of my posts are written whilst sat in a coffee shop. The vibe and diversity of them are what fascinate me most. Also, the fact that they are all unique, whether big or small, famous or small branched, they all have something different to offer regarding the environment. Personally, I find nothing more relaxing than sitting in a corner booth with a view out of the window, listening to the faint background music and delving into a new blog post. This is where I feel most inspired and the more relaxed I am the more inspiration I get.

With people-watching now being an actual thing where better to do it than in a coffee shop. It’s also the easiest way as you can pretend to be reading or writing when in actual fact you’re just being nosey. They are also a great way to meet people. I recently met someone who is now a good friend whilst in Starbucks. This someone is very interested in my blog and often gives me a lot of inspiration for posts. We all have our favourite coffee shops I’m sure and we all love them for different reasons. In my opinion coffee is the answer to everything. I think all of the issues in the world could be sorted over a coffee, but hey, that’s just me. What ever reason we have for loving a certain coffee shop, we can say as a whole that without them we would be bunch of lost nations.


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