True and false

True and false

Reality is fascinating.

Reality: NOUN

The state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them 

‘he refuses to face reality’

‘Laura was losing touch with reality’

What if reality became a lie? The reality we all depended upon being morphed into something only a certain few recognise.

This morphing of reality is happening today, in front of our very eyes. Reality TV – shows like Big Brother and Love Island are creating a shift in the norm. Social media is possibly the biggest culprit with the rise of ‘Instagram stars’. These people are doing more harm than good by promoting an image that many younger people aspire to, who then feel deflated when they don’t match up. Just by looking at images of ‘Instagram stars’ from a few years ago to now shows a huge difference. The most annoying thing? They all look the same! The nation is slowly morphing into one image of a woman and one image of a man that everybody should aspire to.

Is this the start to the new reality? Maybe. People should be encouraged to create their own image and their own identities not be herded like a flock of sheep to look like a new Botox filled barbie doll.


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