Christmas is coming!!!

Christmas is coming!!!


Christmas is an exciting time for most people, me included. I love everything about it; the build up to the big day from early December, window dressings in shops, Christmas trees lining the streets and of course the obligatory cheesy tunes. With only 13 weeks to go, when is the right time to begin preparations? I know of people who start planning the next Christmas on Boxing Day! That is way too much by my standards, however each to their own.

Usually I find buying gifts for people quite a challenge, even though it’s supposed to be fun and sentimental. I often find myself trying to buy better presents than the ones I bought the previous year without getting anything too similar. This has proven, time and time again to be extremely difficult and definitely not cost effective! So this year I have come up with the idea to make one present myself for every person I am would be buying for. This way, each person gets something unique to them that can’t be bought in any store, with the added bonus of saving myself from a deflated purse. Win win! By only presenting each person with only the one present I am hoping to divert the focus of Christmas Day away from the gifts and material things and try to create a better day overall with the focus being on family, love and happiness. Which should already be the case, but of course, with the rise of extravagant gift giving it was natural for Christmas to become a materialistic show.

Now, I’m off to think of ideas for handmade presents. Night all.


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