The season of joy 

The season of joy 

September is very special to me as it officially marks the beginning of autumn, and most importantly is when I am happiest. Today is the first time it has actually felt like autumn which made me super happy when I looked out of the window this morning. Today is a day of firsts; wearing a coat for the first time since April, hearing the crunch of brown leaves under my feet when I walk, feeling the chill in the air which makes me want to hold myself tight and smile. All of these things are what makes me feel happy, comfortable and relaxed. 

Yet everybody reacts differently to this weather. I noticed approximately twenty people trudging along, miserable faces and looking rather deflated as I was walking by the tube station this morning. I must’ve been the only person on the whole busy street to be welcoming this amazing season. Differences aside, everybody has a particular season that makes them feel this way. It is a part of what makes us all unique and interesting. After all, if we all loved the same things there would be a drastic drop in topics of conversation! Being British talking (or complaining) about the weather is a ritual that happens amongst every conversation at least twice a day. Us Brits are obsessed with the weather in a sort of out-of-control way. Hence why this is not my first post about autumn. 

The shift from day to night in September is probably the most apparent of all the months. Bright, off white coloured skies, a bitter underchill, busy streets filled with people huddled together unknowingly sharing body heat distinguish a September day. Whereas come evening; the sky is black by 7pm, the streets of London are lifeless as people make their way inside for hibernation until the next day. Inside; curtains are drawn, lighting turned down to create a relaxed atmosphere, cushions and throws are added to any available surface just so we always have comfort on hand, abandoned clothes and cosy pyjamas donned whilst endless cups of tea are drunk. 

To me, this is everything that September should be. In a way we are preparing ourselves for the ‘dreaded’ winter that we cannot escape. The image of an arctic fox building her snow white winter coat comes to mind. 

We should all find the season that makes us happiest and embrace it with open arms. 


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