Where to draw the line 

Where to draw the line 

Facing rejection on a regular basis soon becomes very tiring. When is it acceptable to say enough is enough? How long should a person put themselves through this torture? I have been thinking about this all day now and still don’t have answers to my own questions. Why do we so often let ourselves be put down repeatedly; most often by the same person. Its like somebody has a leash around my neck, lets me walk so far then pulls me right back to their side when they feel I have created enough distance. 

Today I decided to put a stop to it – yes, I grew some courage that was unknown to me until now! I have promised myself a number of things:

  1. I will not be drawn back into the same snare like traps anymore
  2. I will not build up my hopes for a reality that is destined not to happen
  3. Finally,  I will keep the offenders on the same leash they kept me on but at a distance far enough away not to reach me again

By sticking to this list I am hoping to get back the freedom that I deserve and rid myself of the stress it so annoyingly causes. 

After all, we’ve all got to put ourselves first.


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