Biting the bullet

Biting the bullet

For the past 12 years I’ve had the same hairdresser and have always been very impressed with the different styles and colours she has given me. I have never had the guts to trust anyone else to touch my hair, thus causing a serious issue now that I live in London and my trusted hairdresser is back home! Usually I would go back home for a weekend just to get a hair cut, however that isn’t possible now with me only being back home again in December. If my hair didn’t currently resemble a thick, ginger afro I would wait but needs must and all that.

I have spent approximately 7 days googling the best salons in my area and asking everyone that i know for advice on where to go. Safe to say I am a nervous wreck! I finally found somewhere that has great reviews and is reasonably priced. Tomorrow is the day that I put my trust (hair) in a strangers hands and hope they can work miracles.

I really hope I’m not being super dramatic. Other women have this problem, right? I’ll let you all know if it was a success or a disaster tomorrow.

See you soon!


7 thoughts on “Biting the bullet

  1. No I completely understand. The woman I go to I have been seeing her for a little over 15 years. Why? Because she knows how to cut my mixed hair. I’m biracial. I have Hispanic and African American in me, which means my hair type is the mixture of the two. No one else knows how to cut my hair properly but which is why I visit my hometown for holidays and get it cut.

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      1. I’m due for one soon. My hairstylist was trying to cut the blonde out of my hair and has been cutting little by little out. When I see her again. It should be all out. It’s taken me two years to grow it out. Lol


      2. Growing colour out is the worst. I was trying to grow my darker red out and get to my natural colour which isn’t much different but it resulted in having multicoloured hair! Needless to say the dye came out yesterday.

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      3. I agree. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it was closer to my natural hair color but blonde and black are completely opposite shades. I think what was nice about growing it out was it was when the ombre crazy was at its prime and I received many compliments about my “ombre” but I always said to people that I was growing out my hair. Then I just began to accept. Honestly that’s what an ombre is, forgetting to touch up your roots and growing it lol.

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      4. That’s exactly what I thought lol. My hairstylist told me to keep it the way it was so when she trimmed it. She made sure to maintain the ombre effect.

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