Impact of lies

Impact of lies

One thing that I cannot stand is lies. Having trust in a person is the glue that holds a relationship together. If a person tells a lie, this glue becomes unstuck and permenantly damaged. Have you ever tried to re-glue an object that had previously had glue on it? It’s impossible! I will never understand how a person is willing to damage all that they have for the sake of making themselves seem better, clouding their minds with what they could never attain. 

I have been reading the novel Atonement by Ian McEwan recently and was inspired by one character to vent my feelings in this post. In the novel the youngest sibling of the Tallis family is renowned for her imagination and ability  to get lost in a fictional world. Drastically she takes this ability too far by accusing her sisters love interest of being an abuser, a violent man. 

“The truth was in symmetry, which was to say, it was founded in common sense. The truth instructed her eyes. So when she said, over and over again, I saw him, she meant it, and was perfectly honest, as well as passionate.”

How can the destruction of an innocent persons life be considered a positive to someone else?  And sometimes, the smallest of lies can be the most destructive.


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