As somebody who is very stuck in her British ways I am obsessed with the seasons. Absolutely hate summer and adore winter. I would take dark nights, cold and bitter air, even snow over sticky unpredictable (summertime) weather any day. This being said I am ecstatic that Autumn has finally arrived. Many people know that England isn’t very renowned for its amazing summer days and glorious sunshine – thankfully. The one thing England does do well is Autumn and Winter. The 1st September marked this change in glorious fashion. People on the streets of London donned scarfs, thicker coats and boots. The most significant marker for me is the return of pumpkin spiced latte in Starbucks. I am currently sat writing this post in Starbucks, PSL in hand. 

England feels like an Autumn/Winter country. The crunch of the brown fallen leaves as you walk the bustling streets. The rise of people out and about who are ready to return from hibernation that took over them during the summer months. I love nothing more than stepping out in the morning to the crisp air that sharply hits the back of your throat. Dark nights and bright lights on every street is a big part of what makes it special to me. It feel homely. I could go on and on forever about all the things that make it so special to me. 

I suppose this topic is a great debate amongst many people. Summer or winter? My answer is simple, winter every time.

What is your favourite season? What makes it so special to you? These are questions we can all answer and most probably all answer differently. 

I would love to hear about other people’s experiences!


6 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. I’ve always loved autumn because I love the crisp air, fallen leaves and the colors. Plus my wardrobe looks so much better during this time. What I’m going to miss about Kansas is the seasons. We got every one of them. Nevada is going to be an adjustment.


    1. I love Autumn/Winter fashion. My wardrobe is mostly catered for colder weather so I tend to struggle with what to wear in summer. Everything looks nicer when there is the misty fog in the air!


      1. I completely agree! I love scarves, cardigans and boots. Those are my go to outfits. I struggle with dressing in the summer. It’s too hot to wear anything. I came from Kansas and the humidity is unbearable.


      2. Yeah the more wrapped up I am the chunkier clothes are the better. Luckily we don’t get hot summers in England but we do get unpredictable weather. You could wear a dress and it will rain 2 minutes later 😔

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      3. Exactly how I feel! That’s what Kansas is known for, unpredictable weather. We could have all seasons and one day.

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  2. I am not a fan of the cold of winter. I cannot stand the heat and humidity of summer. Spring is alright, but a little too rainy to really enjoy. For me, it’s autumn all the way. I love the cool air. The blue jeans and hoodies. The smell of bonfires that permeate the air (everywhere). All the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. A walk through the woods, the crunch of leaves beneath your feet. But mostly it’s the smell of fall. Not just the fires, but the air itself. It’s like you can smell the leaves changing. I’d be content if it was October in Michigan year round.

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