Achieving near perfection 

Achieving near perfection 

One of the most important things to any female has to be having clear, perfect skin. I always thought that my skin was ok but definitely not completely flawless. Social media is a big factor in women wanting to achieve the perfect skin; whether it’s seeing models on Instagram or friends pictures on Facebook that, it is always enough to make us green with envy. I decided to go on a mission to find the best products for my skin type and to get myself into a routine when caring for my skin.

In the past I have tried countless products that have fallen short of being the perfect product for me. I have tried products of all natures; branded, unbranded, scented, unscented, specialised products and anything in between. In honesty the list is exhaustive. 

During my teens I was always a lover of Simple products due to the natural elements which were easier on my teen skin. I used both the gel and cream washes, exfoliator and cleansing mask. As a sixteen/seventeen year old I thought this was the most amazing skin routine available and obviously saw the (non-existent) wonders that was happening to my skin. I was clearly a young girl believing in the hype of trends. The products definitely left my skin feeling clean and a little clearer but did nothing to reduce the oiliness of my skin. A change was needed! 

When I reached twenty I was an avid lover of the body care brand Soap & Glory. I still am obsessed with the shower gels and body butters – most amazing smell ever!! And yes, I do queue in Boots every Christmas to get the big box of goodies half price. Getting back on track, I noticed that the facial range was getting bigger and bigger, with everything you can think of from cleansers, moisturisers, masks and exfoliators. I first tried the Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk. To get to the point the only thing useful about this product was the lovely smell after using it. This product was definitely not a winner. Next I saw that For Daily Youth Foamy Moisture Face Wash had excellent reviews. As a lover of reviews I went straight to my nearest store and purchased the said amazing face wash. Give it its due it was better than the last. The tiny exfoliating balls in the light gel consistency made for a two in one product. My skint fell super clean and smooth after each use but after a while it began to make my skin feel quite dry which I thought strange considering I usually have oily/combination skin.

I then tried a few products that weren’t branded for example Waitrose Pure range. Supposedly to be as kind on your skin as Simple, I went ahead and used the liquid facial cleaner to remove my eye make up (it said it was suitable). The almighty sting in my eyes lasted around 2 hours and left my eyes red and swollen. Another product that went straight to the bin…along with the face wash I didn’t even bother to try. During this period the list was endless; Garnier, Nivea, Superdrugs own brand… You get the idea. Nothing was working!

Alas, I was told to try the tea tree range from The Body Shop. I was sceptical at first as to whether it would work with my skin – and of the whole not tested thing. I spoke with a shop assistant who after making a very detailed and rather blunt assessment of my face, pointed out what I needed. The face wash, exfoliator and clay mask. A fair sum of money down and I was off on a quest for perfect skin. I must say that these products did shock me… In a good way. At the start my skin was bumpy in places, dry then oily in others and very, very red in patches. After two weeks of the routine I noticed a huge difference. My skin was bump free, blotch free and all of the same consistency. For me these products are the holy grail if you have oily/combination skin like me. I got myself into a routine of washing my face twice daily, using the exfoliator 3-4 times per week and the clay mask twice per week. Word of advice, always always moisturise afterwards to get the full effects of the products. Myself, friends and family have noticed the glow in my skin and obvious reduced pores which was a problem area for me. 

I now feel confident with my skin and am embracing the no make up way of life to show off my results. I will continue this routine with these products for many years to come. Unfortunately I was too excited with the process to get before pictures, but starting from now I will do before and after photos (2 weeks) to show the results it has in such a short space of time, because nothing can ever be that perfect, right?


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