Before I moved to London I was living in a small, quiet town in North West Egland. After 21 years of living in such a dull place it was starting to get me down big time. I knew I needed to get away but I wasn’t sure how. I had previously heard of a company (one that I now work for) that employ people on the basis that they want to change their location within England or even to another country. I knew I’d be considered for the job because I had many years experience in that field. Yet, I was still shocked, surprised, happy and emotional all in one when I got the phone call to tell me I had got the job and that my location would be London. All I knew prior to leaving was the salary and that I would be living in central London. 

Lack of information made me wary. I began to question if I had made the right decision, whether I should continue in the job I already had with the the comfort of my family and friends around me. A million and one questions were racing around my head that I could only ask once I had arrived. I suppose that was the company’s way of seeing if I had the balls to go through with it. Well low and behold I did! 

In a last minute hurry I scooped up the contents of my bedroom and threw it into a suitcase. The car journey to the train station with my parents was emotional to say the least, but I had this tingle in my body that I’d never had before. The excitement of what lay ahead was keeping me focused on getting on the train and out of the hell hole town. It was very emotional to say the least!

Looking back now, I can easily say that taking the plunge and moving away was the best decision I had made in my entire life. Staying open-minded and allowing myself to take on this new opportunity has let me witness this whole other world that I wouldn’t have known existed if I hadn’t listened to what my heart really wanted.

No matter what ties you think you may have, find a way to look past them. Think about what will make you happy in the long run. I’ve learned from experience that the people you think you can’t live without are the ones you miss the least. 


2 thoughts on “Open-minded

  1. Welcome to London, we’ve just moved on having spent over ten years there. Little tip, if I may, London is a great city, but don’t constrain yourself by thinking you have to live in Central London near work. Moving to the outer zones will give you a much better quality of life and if you pick the right area won’t take you much more longer to get into London. Have fun !


    1. Thank you! The company I work for pay most of my rent each month so for now I don’t really need to move out of central. If they didn’t I would definitely live in other areas! Exploring other parts of London is one of the things I love to do.


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