Today I was informed of a campaign aimed at women and women’s health; The Lady Garden Campaign. Its aim is to raise awareness of gynaecological cancers and illnesses (

The idea is to get women more aware of how these issues can really affect their lives and to encourage women to get regular checks and scans. As somebody who has been through a lot of gynaecological problems myself this is an issue very close to me so I will be 100% backing the campaign. September is gynaecology awareness month so there will be many events and features about this campaign. 

Having teamed up with Topshop, hoodies and joggers are available to buy from the 8th September with 30% of the proceeds going to charity. Simple steps – buy the hoodie, make yourself look pretty and take a million and one selfies with your lady garden hoodie and your actual ‘lady garden’ being the main focus. I’ll definitely be getting involved and I urge many other women from all over the world to get involved to. After all it is raising awareness for what is known to be the silent killer in women.

I’ll keep you all updated on how things are going.

Get involved, donate and snap away! 



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