Wandering days

Wandering days

I often spend my weekends roaming around London, visiting places I’ve never been before and sometimes stumbling on places I never want to go to again! Although everywhere I go is nearly always in walking distance as I have a great hatred for the London tube service and avoid it at all costs. I tend to think of it as a child’s way of exploring, setting off on an adventure with no set destination in mind.

Today was no different for me as I made my way to Regents Park. Regents Park is the one place in London that I will never get tired of seeing. In all honesty, I don’t think I would ever be able to see the whole of Regents Park in all my time in London let alone in one day. Huge is an understatement! From the parts I have seen so far my favourite section has got to be Queen Mary’s Gardens. I adore the perfectly manicured lawns and sprawling areas of flowers upon flowers. Yet, the one thing that always sticks out for me is the small rose garden situated within the Queen Mary’s Garden area. Nothing epitomises Britain better than green grass, flowered hedges and English rose buds blossoming. In amongst all of this beauty is a small pond which attracts many birds and animals (mostly ducks and squirrels)

Today something stuck out to me on the pond, I saw two black swans sat on the bank of the pond. I never really thought of black swans to be that common as they aren’t native to England. The strange picture that I saw got me thinking about the world in general. The black swans mixed in with the serene beauty is a kind of real life juxtaposition. The beautiful and the ugly, good and bad are not things that are put together in man made situations. Personally, I think black swans are more beautiful than white swans because of their striking yellow eye against the black feathers, always having the one white feather on their back to remind them of their cousins (the English white swan) from another land. In every situation in life there will always be a form of juxtaposition. People are different, values and beliefs vary from person to person. We don’t have to be categorised the same to live together. My immediate response to seeing the black swan in the English rose garden was surprising but somewhat comforting as it reiterated the differences all over the world. One thing slightly out of proportion or an abnormality has a good effect on the world. It makes us stop and think. Embrace all aspects of the world and live life to the full.



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