National Dog Day

National Dog Day

So today is national dog day. For any dog lover every day is national dog day, but for those insane humans who don’t find dogs the most amazing animal ever there needs to be one specific day dedicated to showing love for their furry friends. My two dogs have featured in one of my previous posts and will continue to feature. At this point in my life they are the only things that 100% have my love (other than family and friends- most of the time)

In celebration of this spectacular day here is a photo of Spook, my eldest dog, sporting a rather flattering plastic hat. Note how proud of himself he looks! 

This was taken last week and sent to me by my mum. A rare moment that Spook and Oscar were separated, much to Spooks approval. He enjoyed peace and quiet on his visit to the vets.

Not to leave Oscar out, this is a serious throw back to when Oscar was just 10 weeks old and latched himself on to Spook who couldn’t even pee in peace.

Happy National Dogs Day to my babies and all other beautiful doggies out there. 


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