Living in history

Living in history

After a very stressful and disastrous week (note my lack of posts) I needed to do something to completely relax me and get me back on track. How shall I do this? By reading of course. Through any period of stress or tough times reading was always the one thing that allowed me to vanish and live in another world for a while. It took me a while to decide what to read, as usual; so I went back through the library on my iPad to get some ideas. I was torn between The Great Gatsby or Mrs Dalloway. Then a comment came back to me that I had overhead recently. 

From an unknown source it was said that THE very Virgina Woolf lived in the building that I currently live in! My excitement peaked and lost its balance in the process, then I somehow gained enough composure to wonder how true the statement was. Eagle eyes in tow I set about scouring my residential building for one of the blue circle plaque things that are all over London declaring where old and new famous people lived or worked. Low and behold I found it on the first floor, directly above my flat! Once again I couldn’t contain my excitement so I picked up the phone and rang my mum to tell her the news, who obviously didn’t have a clue what I was rambling about. 

A quick Google search told me that Woolf lived in this very spot from 1939-1940 ( the year that it was bombed) and replaced by my current building in 1957. At this point I was like an over excited kid on Christmas Day!

Virginia Woolf plaque
I knew that all random parts of London are covered in history but you never truly believe it until it is you that lives in the history. I suppose, with the area being Bloomsbury I’d be expecting to find something out like this at some point. Still, I am proud to say I share the same home as Virgina Woolf. Let’s hope my stay doesn’t end the same as Woolf’s did!


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