So, I made a promise to myself last weekend that for the next three weeks I wouldn’t touch a single drop of wine. The amount of wine my body has consumed lately is beyond belief so I decided that a ‘winetox’ was in order. I could do that, not a problem. Except there is one slight problem…

Today I discovered my will power is vanishing rapidly. I’m walking around Waitrose picking up tonight’s dinner and what do you know, I end up in the wine aisle without realising I had walked there. Surely that’s a sign of a girl with issues, right? I would believe that to be true, if it wasn’t my favourite red wine that just so happens to be on offer. To me, that is a sign. It was inevitable that I would wander over and see what I have been secretly hoping to see for the past seven days. One bottle goes in my basket, then one leads to two as I think about the stressful week ahead. That’s a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Forward thinking is always a good idea; well most of the time! 

Clearly I failed in my challenge of abandoning wine. So to accompany my sinful night I added a large pizza and TWO, not one, Pots & CO chocolate pots (my second favourite thing in the entire world). If I’m going to be steered off track I may as well do it properly. 

Here’s to wine and chocolate! I shall enjoy consuming my 23,000 calories and stick my head in a Netflix series. 

Happy weekend. 

Campo Viejo Rioja & Pots & CO chocolate pots

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