New world

New world

Imagine if all of the people around us saw a different world to the one we see every time they open their eyes. I can imagine it being like wearing a pair of 3D glasses with the ability to switch channels. If you’re having a bad day, switch channel. If you need a holiday but can’t afford one, switch channel. Think of it as a way to see the whole of the world without ever leaving your home. These are the positives. Now imagine switching your channel by mistake to one of a war-torn country; maybe worse, one that is shrouded in remote bleakness. I wonder how much that would open our eyes to the world around us. Would we take people less for granted if we knew their story? Would we be nicer to people? I’d hope to think we would. In the world we live in today this would be an amazing thing to have. Not just to be able to jump to a nicer place, but on a wider scale. We would see for ourselves all of the traumatic, horrible events that happen all around the world. Granted, we would see the good things that happen to, although there isn’t much of that lately. Seeing the world through our own eyes has got to be better than being fed the over/under exaggerated ideology that we get so much from TV, newspapers and magazines. I have always been a believer in figuring out things for myself and listening to my own interpretations of the world. We live in a world of ‘monkey see monkey do’ which I do think is a little saddening. Where did our individuality go? And can we ever get it back?


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