Lately I’ve found myself stuck in a rut. My daily routine consists of; wake up, shower, start work, cook, clean, finish work, eat the contents of my fridge and watch Netflix. Exciting, I think not. Even my overpriced gym membership isn’t enough to get me off my ass and do something, anything! I think this is were my need to get creative has come from; although there is more chance of me flying to Mars than actually creating something. I don’t even have the excuse of living in a crappy area…because I don’t.

In light of all this I have taken to reading seedy ‘new adult’ romance novels; which after ten of the same plots is very annoying! Yet I can’t seem to stop reading the unconvincing rubbish. Please don’t let this be my new hobby. So, before I get drawn into the unrealistic world of millionaire bosses, sugar daddy’s and not so bad bad boys, I need help…big time.


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