For the past 8 months I have been trying to make my tiny studio flat feel more like home. Yet the task is proving impossible! I have rearranged the entire room approximately twenty times since I arrived in a bid to make more space and comfort. The idea of ‘space saving’ that every other person on the planet can do miraculously is a very lost concept to me. This idea of mine is slowly becoming the biggest drain on my life. I thought these things were supposed to be fun? 

I had the idea to get my creative juices flowing and make some things myself; for example duvets, rugs and hand painted mugs. This idea has gone down the shitter quick sticks considering its taken me 8 months to buy tea and coffee canisters. Still, I am determined to turn my plain, lifeless flat into a work of art that I can hopefully manoeuvre myself around without causing too much damage. The image of my mothers worried, scrutinisin face at the state of my flat is not one I want to encounter on her next visit!

Any help in the DIY home creativity department would be truly helpful. How people do it for a living I will never know. Although it does fill me with great envy that my only creative angle is with words and nothing else.

Progress so far

I’ll keep you posted on my progress (or lack of). Maybe next time I’ll have bought/created a utensils holder rather than using a measuring jug. 


2 thoughts on “Homely

  1. Write it down. Using the words you love, paint the picture of what you’d like your flat to look like. Then, written plan in hand, maybe the task won’t seem so daunting and all that you imagined can come to fruition. I’m a scatterbrained wordy myself, and that always seems to help me when I can’t manifest what’s in my mind’s eye to become a reality. Much luck. It’s always hard making a new place look and feel like home.


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