At some point in every persons life they’ve said a hard goodbye to someone or something. In my case the hardest goodbye I ever had to make was when I decided to move to London and leave behind my beloved dogs. The train journey to London was full of tears; not because of the two heartbroken parents I had left standing on the station platform, but because of the two most precious furry beings in my life – Oscar and Spook.

With an age gap of 12 years between between both dogs, they encompass all that a fur parent could want; excessive play time, cuddles, snuggles, long naps and big sloppy kisses.

By nature both dogs are very different, regardless of age. Oscar is an Italian Greyhound who is extremely playful and seems to generate more energy as the day goes on. Whereas Spook, a Patterdale/Border Terrier is energetic for all of five minutes in any day then resumes his usual napping position. They are the only two things that make me miss home more than anything in the world and I would give anything to have them with me, which sadly, isn’t possible.

What I’m trying to say is that everybody has an element of life that they miss and sometimes feel that they can’t live without – but they can…as hard as it may be! Having the memories of what you miss with you makes it easier to adapt to life without them.

My fur babies are living with my mum back home, whom I pester on a regular, daily basis for updates of how they are, what they’v eaten, anything interesting they’ve done. Yes, friends and family do think I am quite strange for being this obsessive over two animals. Any dog owner understands that they become a part of your life the minute they get carried through the door as puppies and make their first declaration of ownership on the right hand side of the sofa.

I could talk forever and a day about my two boys but I won’t bore you with all the details! No matter where I may be in the world, Oscar and Spook are always with me; in memory, images on my phone, keychain in my bag…

Hopefully others can relate to how I’m feeling.


(Megan, Oscar and Spook)


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