Park life

Park life

image1 (1)
Brunswick Square Gardens

Before coming to London I underestimated the value of a public park. Although there aren’t many worthy of being called a park back home!

The one thing that springs to mind when I think of a park nowadays is people. People everywhere. People from all backgrounds and society’s. I often like to sit smack in the centre of the park and observe the people all around me (I know that sounds creepy!)

But what are they doing that keeps them there so long? Well today whilst sitting in Brunswick Square Gardens – the featured image, I noted down all of the things that was taking place around me. People picnicking, young children flying through the air waiting to be caught by their excited parents, heads buried in books, fitness fanatics embracing the (rare) London sun, plus much more.

These places are ones that allow people to feel a sense of community that they may never get anywhere else. That alone is a good enough reason to embrace the great outdoors and feel the community spirit.

Cities, especially London, can be lonely places at times, regardless of the friends and family that may be around you. Knowing that there are many open, public spaces out there that are willing to welcome you into their embrace provides me with comfort, and hopefully other people out there to.



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