Craving is a want, not a need.

Surviving is a natural instinct.

We are all guilty of uttering materialistic quotes; “Oh I am in love with that dress! I MUST have it”, “What I would do to have HIM”…

Everything that we crave is an object of desire that would only have the smallest impact on our lives in the long run. Take away all the material objects in the world and the only things we crave, what we really need is air, water and food. All other ‘cravings’ are irrelevant.

That being said, we can all dream of the things that we want, right?

I recently read a novel by Claire Fuller that got me thinking about the things in life that we own/want but don’t actually need:

-“My father was fond of saying ‘If you own too many possessions sooner or later they start owning you.” (Our Endless Numbered Days; Claire Fuller)

Although I’m sure many of us would love to take inspiration from Fullers’ character, we are a nation that are set in their materialistic ways ( I do see myself as a huge culprit!) Will we ever change? Straight answer… NO. We can keep fulfilling our cravings and think about how much we’d like to change.